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AOL Help Desk - Talk to Us, Email Us or Chat with Us for all your troubles

What is AOL Help desk and what does it do? Answer is as simple as that; AOL’s one-stop destination desk to help and support our customers with their queries, complaints and inquiries. Our experts and technicians will talk to you 24x7, reply to your emails and chat with you to help you with your troubles to the point of complete satisfaction. AOL Help desk helps with login to email, mobile email, AOL Desktop Gold, any system technical issues, and much more. Although, the some of the services come with a price it is truly worth paying for this stellar service.

Among the vast range of quality products and services that AOL offers there are a few that stand out and have carried the AOL flag single-handedly amongst its worldwide competitors. They are:


AOL Mail

Known for its robust design, secure and brilliant features, AOL mailing experience is unique to its users and has retained its trust and dedication for a long time.


AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop suite offers AOL Mail, Triton instant messenger and AOL Explorer browser. AOL’s Desktop Gold offers speed with reliability of the latest technology that it employs.


AOL app

With AOL mobile app for Android and iOS, AOL email, instant notifications as well as flashing news and trending videos can be accessed anywhere on the move.


What is it that our AOL Help desk can help you with?

AOL Mail, AOL Desktop Gold and AOL app along with other big AOL products run smoothly, still, as with any other creations of human ingenuity, they may abruptly stop, slow down or create unexpected trouble to its users.

Here are some of the issues with which our clients, customers and patrons call us, email us or chat with us.

  • How to use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third-party app or download your email
  • AOL app issues on Android and iOS mobile devices
  • AOL Mail Unknown Error messages
  • Manage spam and privacy in AOL Mail
  • Update Desktop Gold
  • missing Mail. What should I do?
  • AOL Desktop Gold is slow. How to make it run fast?
  • Online issues troubling AOL Desktop Gold?
  • Installation troubles with AOL Desktop Gold.

How does AOL Help desk actually help?

By Calling AOL Help desk 24x7:

Call directly to our Customer Care support to get real-time answers and solutions to your queries, issues and troubles. Some services are only available to paid AOL members.

By emailing AOL Help desk:

Email us with your queries and get reasonable quick resolution by experienced Customer Care help desk personnel to your queries and issues.

By 24x7 Live chatting with AOL Help desk

Chat with AOL Live experts for all your AOL necessities-from email to login, technical queries, mobile services, and more. This service is only available to paid AOL members.

In order to get these issues resolved in a manner best suited to their clients, AOL Help desk is ever-ready with their technically equipped team of experts committed to giving them the quality services that you need.

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