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AOL Mail Settings

AOL Customer service is one of the best companies that provide you free email services and these services are truly awesome. And if you find or face any problems regarding email services, our team will provide you with ultra modified aid. Our customer service team will provide you assistance and tell you how to deal with the AOL mail settings.

System and Manifestation – Nothing can be as easy to handle the essential system and appearance of the AOL mail settings, such as the

  • Start up settings
  • Default view
  • Number of emails shown per page
  • Default font used etc in this section.

Create - Handle the outgoing AOL mail settings.

  • Outbox settings
  • Outgoing font settings
  • Request receipt settings etc.

Themes – Selection of the themes are quite easily accessible for your mail account through AOL mail settings.

Shortcuts Of Keyboard – In this page, you can permit customizing of the keyboard shortcuts. If you are using an email client, and are quite used to the keyboard shortcuts; then you are liable to modify the AOL Mail Keyboard shortcuts to match your previous email clients’ keyboard.

Rules – To classify the emails to different folders, try to set up the rules and filters automatically.

Archive Options - Triggering the auto records activity for your account is only possible if you can customize the archival options.

Send Mail As – Get associated with different addresses from a range of accounts.

Signatures - You are allowed to set up more than one signature. This process will definitely go with your various roles. And you can now set up default signatures for different addresses you use.

Vacation Reply – We all know about the holiday or vacation reply or better known as auto response message for your account, based on a particular duration and sending interval.

Managing Storage in Mailbox – This part simplifies you to explain the options available to observe and supervise storage in your mail account.

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